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Cake Coverage :

Culinary And Kitchen Entrepreneurs 
Insurance Programs 
Eastern Classic Coverage
Like Mom Says ....."Everyone likes CAKE"

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Why we do, what we do

Because we care!

The CAKE Program is written with you in mind 100% of the time.

We care about who your are, what you do and how you do it.

 Our CAKE Designers ask the hard questions so that we can get you the right insurance

for YOUR job!

 We feel that the better the questions, the better the answers and the better your coverage will be.

The CAKE program's Insurance Policies are written through one or more A Rated

or better (Top) Rated Companies.

We have companies that are Regional and National.

If you need to provide your products or services in other Countries

or produce your product in other Countries, just ask.

 Providing you with Minimums of

$1,00,000 per occurrence (Each Occurrence)

and $2,000,000 Aggregate Limits of Liability

Plus Products and Completed Operations

Damage to Rented Premises

 plus a host of more forms of coverage.


this means that your coverage is YOUR coverage. you are not lumped into a "group" policy, not a listed name on someone else's policy.

What our clients are saying

The quick answers to my questions are always on point.

The company’s that they have suggested for us have been great.

I now use Eastern Classic Coverage for my homes, cars and

They have literally saved me thousands over the years.”                - Jim M.

just to mention a few

“Bob and his team are very responsive and caring insurance professionals.  Whenever I
have an insurance matter, they promptly respond.  When I need to get the best value for my
insurance dollar, they shop the market and provide me a variety of alternatives.  Bob has a
good sense of humor and like all of his team members, pleasant to do business with.  If you
are looking to replace your current insurance programs, I highly recommend that you take
a look at Eastern Classic Coverage.”             - Mike D.

who we insure

Who we Insure


From single new business start-ups to shared kitchens and incubators, we offer specialized insurance coverage for a large variety of businesses:


We specialize in providing insurance for:


Commercal Kitchen Renters

Farmers Market Vendors

Personal Chefs

Off premises Caterers

Catering Facilities


Bakeries and Bakers

Bakery products

Off premises Caterers
Candy & Confectionery products
 Prepared foods
 Food Specialty Products, Deli products
 Beverages, Smoothie  distributors
 Fruit & vegetable makers
 Frozen Goods manufacturers,

Spice and tea manufacturers, Coffee manufacturers
 Craft Breweries and wineries
 Dairy and non-dairy items
 and so much more



Who qualifies for the CAKE program



  • New and small businesses that are in their first few years in business or those starting up are perfect for the program since we offer many amazing features such as no sales audit for the first few years specific forms already included into your personally named insurance policy. 


  • These forms will get you into most retail shops, large retailers and markets.


  •  Plus these specifically designed policies come delivered in YOUR business name. This program is not a policy written on a master form with your name (and possible risk) added to a group type of agreement “policy”.


  • While the CAKE insurance program is great for new startups, we have specialized programs for those in already in the business, looking for a better quality policy or package of policies to help protect them in many areas of needed insurance.


Phone: (888) 833-8120
    Fax: (888) 315-3750


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Our CEO, Bob Bleistein and his staff have many years in the service industry, and have taken Eastern Classic
Coverage to new heights. Our expertise helps provide the proper coverages that business owners, property
owners and individuals need in order to help provide stability both at work and at home. Our knowledgeable,
helpful staff are always here to help you. Quick quotes, in-depth questions and the finest stable of companies to help
make any business owner, landlord, homeowner and individual that needs insurance feel relaxed knowing that
Eastern Classic Coverage is there to help.
We are an independent agency and represent many insurance companies. We don't only offer you one choice, our
staff shops multiple carriers to provide you with the best available quotes. We're always looking to save you money
while still providing you with the best coverage solutions available. Since we have such a wide stable of companies
to turn to, we are periodically searching for better coverage and lower premiums for all of our clients.

Let us help you!  The professionals at Eastern Classic Coverage are always available to provide you with free
business assessments, no obligation reviews and of course, free quotes.

National Headquarters:

400 Jericho Turnpike

 Suite 104

Jericho NY 11753

Tel: 1.631-422-8585

Fax: 1.888-315-3750

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