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Cake :

Culinary And Kitchen Entrepreneurs 
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Eastern Classic Coverage
Like Mom Says ....."Everyone likes CAKE"
Who qualifies for the CAKE program



  • New and small businesses that are in their first few years in business or those starting up are perfect for the program since we offer many amazing features such as no sales audit for the first few years specific forms already included into your personally named insurance policy. 


  • These forms will get you into most retail shops, large retailers and markets.


  •  Plus these specifically designed policies come delivered in YOUR business name. This program is not a policy written on a master form with your name (and possible risk) added to a group type of agreement “policy”.


  • While the CAKE insurance program is great for new startups, we have specialized programs for those in already in the business, looking for a better quality policy or package of policies to help protect them in many areas of needed insurance.


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