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About Us

Our CEO, Bob Bleistein and his staff have many years in the service industry. We understand completely the items needed to begin a new business, follow your passions and dreams and then the struggles and risks taken to continue with your goals.

 Eastern Classic Coverage continues to grow as a business because we always push for our best in offering you the proper coverage that all business owners, property owners and individuals need in order to help provide stability both at work and at home.


Our knowledgeable, helpful staff are always here to help you. Quick quotes, in-depth questions and the finest stable of companies to help make any business owner, landlord, homeowner and individual that needs insurance feel relaxed knowing that by Eastern Classic Coverage is there to help.


We are an independent agency and represent many insurance companies. We don't only offer you one choice, our Designers (Underwriters and Underwriting Partners)  shop multiple carriers and has great programs set to go for you to provide you with the best available quotes (for both coverage and fair premiums.

We're always looking to save you money while still providing you with the best coverage solutions available.

Since we have such a wide stable of companies to turn to, we are periodically searching for better coverage and lower premiums for all of our clients.

Let us help you succeed in business by protecting properly!  

The professionals CAKE Designers at CAKE Coverage by Eastern Classic Coverage are always available to provide you with free business assessments, no obligation reviews and of course, free quotes.

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